Managing Director

K.B. Shrestha

Message From Managing Director

Firstly welcome to the official website of Global IOT Nepal. It is a great pleasure for us to introduce ourselves as one of the leading digital marketing platforms and IT firms in Nepal. We are glad to mention our great impact on our clients within a short period of time. Global IOT Nepal believes that good teamwork brings out the best result. We have a team of well-experienced people who carry the strong vision of flourishing digitalization all over the country. Our team believes that human potentiality should be utilized to the maximum extent for the betterment of the people, the world, and the country. Not only digital marketing but Global IOT also gives new ideas and vision to our entrepreneurs for their first step in the world of business. 
If I have to talk about the establishment, I’d like to say we started as an IT firm and later stepped into several digital platforms. As I always had a vision of building a digital path for our youths, this is the initial step that is followed by many students of ours. Some of the international courses we have are Robotics training, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Drone Technology, Internet Of Things are the courses which can compete in the International Market. 
Adding to Global IOT Nepal, I would also like to say that we want our students to represent our country on the International level. With this vision, we also believe education is something that should be in reach to every person. That is why we have the courses at minimal fees and we also provide our courses to students from all over the country. Alongside amazing courses from well-trained and well-experienced teachers, we also give internship and International certificates at the end of the session. 
In our organization, we have been successful in building a cordial relationship with our clients and business associates. The service which we provide to our clients with dedication and honesty is our priceless asset. We are helping our clients to build their strong foundation and brand in the cyberworld. We have started Global IOT Nepal with the aim of building digital Nepal. Our teams look for a better and innovative way to grow digital marketing every day. 
Thank you for visiting the official website of Global IOT Nepal. Together we will build a digital Nepal!