R.B. Adhikari

Message From Chairman

Global I.O.T. Nepal was established with the idea of coming together to build a digital nation. Global IOT Nepal started as an IT firm providing IT Services to people which includes community data collection, mobile applications development, website development, and many more. We are also running world competing courses like Robotic Training, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet Of Things, Drone Technology. Adding on to our courses, we are also running courses like Mobile App Development, Data Science, Digital Marketing. Above all that what makes us different is we have well-experienced trainers and good guidance which will surely help you compete with the world tomorrow. 
Our aim is to establish strong digital networking all over the country while helping businesses to grow in the cyberworld. We have built our digital marketing strategy by the correct use of the digital platform. We have been developing our work with immense speed and take great interest in the interests of our consumers while understanding their problems. We have designed our company to be consumer-oriented from the very beginning. 
After the establishment of our company, we have brought a positive change in the aspects of manpower, teamwork, strategies, and many more. To add on we also provide good business plans to the people who are willing to invest but confused about the plans they want to put their money in. Furthermore, with an excellent team of experienced people, we will guide you to bring out the best of your available resources and grow your business. 
With lots of planning and correct execution of plans, we will create examples with our work. Integrity is our foundation, quality and fairness are our goals, and making Nepal digital is our core objective. Global IOT Nepal believes in outstanding workmanship, superior quality control, and effective safety methods. And most definitely continuous development of our management profile and professional skills will bring about the desired results and our goal of customer satisfaction. 
Thank you for visiting our website Global IOT Nepal. We hope to give the best service in the world of digital marketing.