Mausam Kunwar

Message From Director

I would like to heartily welcome everyone on the behalf of Global IOT Nepal. Our firm has been providing some of the best courses which can help our students compete on the International market. Moreover, we also have been giving our best in the field of Digital Marketing. By joining Global IOT Nepal, we will be embarking on an education system, digital marketing, business consultants, and more. By entering Global IOT Nepal, you will be transforming academically, socially, and personally. 
One of the guiding principles we follow is  “Excellence and Values”  while reflecting the principle in our daily activities. Like every entrepreneur who sticks to their dream, I always wanted to push my company to more prosperous milestones. With overcoming challenges with my excellent team, I and my entire team have been successful to bring Global IOT to some recognition. Our strength is developed by our unique ideas and values, wherein we develop excellent and good services. 
We also believe in giving equal importance to all stakeholders involved, and our diverse talented work team, partners, clients, and society. Our team is happy to answer your question about our services or any of our courses. We are always ready for a call or meeting at a convenient time for you to learn more about our product/service. Moreover, we also welcome you to our office for a better understanding between us.
With highly versatile teamwork and their skill developed a vast client portfolio and spanning successful brands in the IT  industry. We are very happy that Global IOT Nepal has the best team who works as a family and they come with rich experience in online & offline IT fields, digital marketing, business consultancy, and many other IT-related services. 
Thank You for visiting our website. We are looking forward to providing our service to our valuable clients and students.