Mobile App. Development

Level 1

Course of Content

  • Understanding the app making environment
    Introduction to the App Inventor Platform; Introduction to apps and app discovery on your phone along with analysis and ratings
  • Using App inventor in a guided manner
    Making and testing a simple app on App Inventor 2. This app is to introduce the features and use of the mobile screen and app antesting on different devices. It also involves user interaction at a basic level
  • Deeper look into App Inventor
    Understanding elements, canvas and sensors. A detailed look at the elements and sensors available on the phone and how they can be used and interfaced. Building an interactive app with sensors
  • Application of what is learned
    Building Musical Instrument App. Typically this is about building an instrument like piano or harmonium on the phone and being able to play with various settings and controls. This enables a student to understand programming to some depth in App Inventor
  • Understanding the phone sensors , data storage, multiple screens etc
    Data handling, Cloud DB and other sensor exercises
  • Application of what is learned
    Building an App based game. A drawing based game is built in which the drawing has to be guessed by others. This is a multiplayer game and helps understanding data handling
  • Creativity in App making
    Project : Build your own app which does not replicate anything already available on the store( doubts clearing only)



  • Total 25 Session
  • 3-4 Session Per week
  • International Trainer
  • Certificate
  • Project Base Training
  • Hardware and Software providing


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Mobile App. Development

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