27 April, 2022

8 Types Of Marketing Videos To Boost Your Brand

Do you still promote your brand through paper or posters or share posts on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram? No, right? This type of marketing was popular in the past while it's miserable now. Do you know different types of marketing videos to boost your brand?

Whenever you ask a businessperson about their marketing strategy, they give strong opinions about the use of marketing videos. In the era of digital marketing strategies, you need to learn how to create a successful business profile through an online medium. Do you know about promotional business videos? Read further to know details about marketing videos.

What is Promotional Business Video?

The promotional business video has been one of the most efficient ways to communicate with targeted audiences. It is a dynamic marketing strategy that lets you interact with an audience engagingly. Instead of text posts about business, a short brand video illustrates customers about your businesses’ final product.

If you think making marketing videos is simple, then you’re wrong. You need to be very creative, precise, and informative about your brand. It should be made so that a few seconds or a few minutes of commercial videos process marketing efforts. Therefore, replace the plain boring marketing text with distinct types of marketing videos to boost your brand.

8 Types Of Marketing Videos To Boost Your Brand

The promotional videos you share among customers should be real with a clear indication of brand awareness. It should display a message on how the product is beneficial for the customers and how they can familiarize themselves with your business strategies, goals, and brand loyalty. Here are the 8 types of marketing videos to boost your brand.

1. Explainer Videos

If you want your audience to connect with your videos directly, explainer videos can be the best choice. This type of video is information-oriented as you give a thorough explanation of how your product will be helpful for customers. The explainer video should be short videos, appealing, and informative and answer the questions of “how-to” or “why to.”

The video you broadcast for the target audience should be a few seconds to minutes, i.e., 40-50 seconds to 2-2.5 minutes. It is so because longer videos bore them as they will be looking for a quick method on how your brand is helpful for them. 

You need to be tricky while making explainer videos as you need to convey a brand awareness message, its uses and define the best solution for the customers. You can make the video in animated form or based on time lapses or even record the live session video.

2. Product Demonstration Videos

The second type of marketing video to boost your brand is a product demonstration video. In this video-making process, you should work on presenting the working mechanism of your product instead of advertising it. The video should elaborate on how your product works and how it is helpful for the customers.

If you own a company distributing Android, better demonstrate your product instead of comparing Android with iOS. Give detailed information about the working mechanism, features, and usage of Android.

Similarly, product demonstration videos you make should be real. If you explain additional features of your product that your product lacks, you fail here. Be creative with video and gain the trust of your audience.

3. Product Review Video

One of the best ways to gain trust from the audience for your brand is to provide them with a product review video. When people look for new products with a new brand, they think multiple times if the goods will be trustworthy or not. A short video on product reviews will be a good idea in such a case.

Create a video based on product usage. You can be one of the product users and give reviews or use your previous customers to deliver reviews in the video. But, don’t hire people to work on a video that never used your product to give product reviews, as the recommendations won’t be genuine. In the review, highlight both positive and negative sides.

4. Testimonial Videos

Similar to a product review video, you can also make testimonial videos. You can make testimonial videos by contacting your daily or previous customers. Taking interviews with the customer who used your product or researching the product's review online are a few tips for making the video. 

Moreover, while you make testimonial videos, make sure you display honest reviews from the customers. As the audience tends to trust other customers, real opinionated videos scale up your sales with the increment in consumer numbers. Besides, cover stories of the previous consumers on what made them use your product and how helpful it is for them.

5. Event Videos

You can also make event videos to boost your brand. The video can be a live session during the time of an event or problem. Else you can also capture a few moments of events and edit them to give the final product to your customers. The effective platform to share event videos can be Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

These social media applications will be helpful because millions of people are active on social media sites. So when they go through your video, they might find your brand trustworthy. Once consumers tune in on your videos, they research your brand to get to know about your honest motive to help out consumers.

6. The Spot Videos

Likewise, you can also make a spot video to reach out to the target audience. The spot videos last for a few seconds, 30-40 seconds, and no longer than this. The video should demonstrate your brand or product, motive, and usefulness to consumers.

You can post the video on any social media site such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Another effective medium to post spot videos is making advertisements on YouTube or Google, where people can take a look at your brand before videos play on YouTube and while doing web surfing.

The short and engaging storylining about your company and brand grabs the attention of more users. The process helps to maintain customer flow that eventually improves sales. 

7. Video Ads

You can also consider using video ads as one of the types of marketing videos to boost your brand. Video Ads will be a powerful way to reach out to consumers. You can place your ad on Google or YouTube, but ensure the ads should be as short as possible. The ad length normally ranges from 5-to 30 seconds.

As a businessperson, you should successfully convey your product message and make brand awareness within no more than a minute. Give quick promotional ads highlighting the company's profile and what you are selling. You can also give a link to your website where the interested people can directly visit your site to get more information about your brand.

8. How-To Video

How-To Video is another popular marketing video type to boost your brand. The video simply is a tutorial to help consumers with how to do specific tasks. The video should be short, no more than 2 minutes, and understandable and informative.

For example, if you run an IT-related company, you can add the “How To Video section.” In this section, you can post promotional videos on “How To Make Appealing Mobile Layouts” or “How To Learn Web Development.”

Such videos will be useful for your company as customers will trust you and believe that you can be a great help.


Switch from paper-based marketing to digital marketing to create a successful profile of your company and take advantage of digital marketing and online services. Promotional business videos are compelling ways to accelerate your sales and gain trust from customers. But, be sure that making marketing videos is not a simple task.

I have listed 8 types of marketing videos to boost your brand in the article. Go through each promotional business video idea and choose the one applicable to you. Finally, let us know if the information was helpful through the comment section below.