30 May, 2022

8 Types Of Graphic Design You Need To Know

Are you specified when you choose a design that might be interior designing, gardening, home decor, or even selecting a dress to wear? 

You must be attentive and centered on design elements that make an eye-catching design. People might call you picky, but I prefer to mention you being creative. 

In such a case, a graphic design career can be your best career as it requires imagination, creativity, and an artistic mind. There are different types of graphic design you need to know to be an established graphic designer. But, before, let me give you a few lines of introduction on what graphic design is

Graphic design is a visual method for communication with a viewer. It is majorly used for digital marketing and advertisements to convey messages to the targeted audience. The design portrays the motive of a company to meet users’ needs and experiences. Some graphic designs include logos, posters, websites, infographics, etc.

8 Types Of Graphic Design You Need To Know

If you are confused about graphic design and how to work on it, keep scrolling. Here, I will list 8 types of graphic design you need to know. Check out each graphic design listing and learn about its importance, use, and effectiveness.

1. Product Design 

In this type of graphic design, the primary motive of the designers is to find out the best way to develop a design highlighting the product. For this, the designer should perform research activities on how the product is helpful for consumers and how a company can gain most of the sales based on their design. 

The graphic design is created in multiple phases where a prototype is created first, and based on other ideas or improvements; the final design is finalized. Similarly, graphic design constitutes marketing works like conveying messages on product packaging, sales, and the types of design highlighting products offered to customers. 

2. Visual/Brand Identity Graphic Design

The design that collects and analyzes the ideas, concepts, and information from clients, business personnel, or team is visual/brand identity graphic design. A unique story from every individual must be incorporated into this type of design because it displays the company's profile and working member’s personality.

In other words, the elements of graphic design, such as color, image, lines, etcetera, should be highlighted, so that experience and memories of the company are visually presented. 

Since collaboration and teamwork are essential, communication skill is a mandatory requirement for the brand identity designer. Logo, brochures, business cards, and typography are visual identity graphic design examples. 

3. Marketing and Advertising

Another type of graphic design you need to know is marketing and advertising. For introducing this type of graphic design, the designer should have the skill to understand and deal with consumer behavior. It is so because the design is all about connecting with consumers and selling them products visually online. 

In other words, marketing and advertising graphic design is an impactful way to promote business online. Marketing directors can help finalize the design by discussing what customers need and how to purchase goods and products. Some examples of this type of graphic design include banners, social media graphics, marketing emails, etcetera. 

4. Publication Design

A publication graphic designer creates layout and graphics for printed materials such as newsletters, magazines, books, brochures, etc. Publishing graphic designers create layouts with carefully chosen typography and accompanying artwork, including photographs, graphics, and illustrations, in collaboration with editors and publishers. 

Moreover, the publication graphic designers should identify the audience and their approaches and must know the typography hierarchy. They should also be able to align elements in a hierarchical form that makes the design unique.

5. Packaging Design

Likewise, the packaging design is fundamental to any product's look. Several practical aspects can dramatically impact the marketability of a product. An integral part of rebranding is changing the packaging design and what makes your product attractive to your customer. 

Similarly, the packaging alone can sometimes propel a company ahead of its competition. A design career in packaging combines advertising strategies and creative thinking with manufacturing, 3D mockups, and printing.

6. Website Design

A graphic designer has designed most websites you visit and apps you download. The experts in these fields have to be very knowledgeable about user experience (UX) design to make the sites they design the most user-friendly on desktop and mobile devices. 

The graphic designer should use all their skills to create online spaces that are visually appealing, intuitive to use, compatible with SEO best practices, and in line with their client's branding.

7. User Interface Design

A user interface design is how a device or application interacts with the user. It is a process of designing interfaces to make them simple and provide a user-friendly experience.

Additionally, the user interface design means everything with which the viewers interact. The graphic designer working on such a platform should focus on the user's visual experience. Make sure the presented design is unique, aesthetic, and informative. Use graphic design elements such as line, color and space carefully to engage with customers. 

8. Environmental Graphic Designs

Designing an environment to provide clients with a thoughtful and impressive experience is essential for environmental graphic designs. It is another most important type of graphic design you need to know. 

The environmental graphic designs show how you can connect with customers and their relation with the environment simultaneously. The designer should know about photography and its illustration to portray environmental design elements such as landscapes and overall nature to make a visually appealing design. 


Graphic design is one of the most challenging tasks in marketing and advertising. If you want to make a  graphic design career, you can have a productive, well-established, and highly paid career

The article on “different types of graphic design you need to know”, will guide you for startups. Go through the information and let us know if it was helpful through the comment section below.