29 June, 2022

10 Highly Effective Ways To Motivate Employees

Suppose you own a huge and successful business and hire highly skilled and experienced employees. Now you have a proper vision and mission and have access to the required resources to run a company, including employees, do you think those employees are happy with their work? Are the people working for you fully engaged and satisfied with the work?

For a business person, it is always challenging to ensure employee satisfaction. Though you are a good employer, you must adapt to distinct strategies to keep motivating employees according to the changing circumstances. 

According to the research, employees on a global scale go through a motivational crisis as only 15% are satisfied with the work environment.

Are you concerned about your employee’s needs? Do you want them to be engaged with the work? If so, you are in the right place. I will be giving you tips on 10 highly effective ways to motivate employees. 

Why Motivate Employees?

Employees are one of the most critical assets of any organization. Their satisfaction and engagement in the company matter the most for the successful organizational journey. Employee motivation is the energy to execute plans to run a business. 

Similarly, until and unless they are happy with the work environment, there will be no guaranteed productivity to achieve stated goals. Once you can motivate every worker, you will receive great output; they will be good at problem-solving and be more creative and innovative. These are a few of the reasons for the importance of motivating employees. 

10 Highly Effective Ways To Motivate Employees

As a manager, you need to know how to motivate your employees and get them engaged. You have to make them feel driven to go to work every day and want to spend time with you and your coworkers. Here are a few of the highly effective ways to motivate employees. 

Have a look for the guidelines to learn employee appreciation ideas, to create employee engagement and portray yourself as the best employer. 

1. Create Friendly Workplace

As an employer, the first thing you need to do is create a friendly workplace to enhance employee morale. It is one of the most basic and highly effective ways to motivate employees to make them eager and engaged in the work. You should maintain employee relationship management to achieve the stated organizational objective.

Moreover, the office is where people are engaged for more hours with an active mind, which is why creating a welcoming working environment to boost engagement on the assigned task is mandatory. Hence, make sure there is a sound relationship between employer and employee along with among employees. 

To create a friendly workplace, it is important to maintain a clean and attractive environment. There are inexpensive ways to freshen up your space and make the interior good-looking and freshened up, making the internal environment friendly and more enjoyable for your employees.

2. State Proper Goals

You should create a challenging environment for the workers. Having to deal with the same menial tasks daily without tangible goals can easily demotivate. When you set your employees' goals, they will have something they can work towards, and you will have something to measure their performance against. 

An employee should be versatile while working on a project. Instead, assigning the same task daily neither guarantees work progress nor growth. Therefore, they must assign several tasks. If they perform better, ensure you appreciate and acknowledge their involvement as it is another way to motivate them. 

3. Be a Supportive Manager

It may seem obvious, but poor management is a major reason for employee demotivation and reasons to leave a job. Among the top things you can do as a leader or mentor are respect, honesty, support, and clear communication. But, you can do more to serve as a great one.

You should maintain honest communication and set expectations for them and what they seek from you. Don’t just focus on the company's outcome, as it is necessary to have in-person communication with every worker to get to know how they feel working with you. In short, reflect on yourself as a caring and supportive manager. 

4. Listen to Them

Likewise, the next highly effective way to motivate employees is by listening to what they want and say. There is no rule stating that all requests are granted, but to keep employees motivated, you should listen to what they say. 

Whatever the idea of a new process or what the new ideas are for their job, perhaps unrealistic as they might seem, listen to them. It is important to have voices heard, and if managers refuse to listen despite their petitions, they may reach the point where they don't care about the organization anymore or are unwilling to work hard.

5. Organize Friendly Competition 

The only thing that keeps employees engaged and motivated is a competitive spirit. Friendly competition and challenges can actually increase cohesion and team-building among employees, which is also an effective way to maintain competitiveness and a productive environment. 

Also, offer extrinsic rewards for better performers to boost employee working capability. However, keep in mind that you should not be judgemental here. Despite their better to poor performance, all workers should be praised equally. If you start to favor one among others, a clash and dispute among the workers will create an even more unfriendly working environment. 

6. Prioritize Individual Motivation

An aligned incentive program is the only way to ensure every team member is working toward a common goal. When the strategy is framed in many ways, every stakeholder understands how the benefits of working together directly benefit them. 

7. Lead a Team as a Team Member

You will be looking at your leadership skills or role as an example for your employees. The boss is someone who sets the tone and values for the entire company. This technique may have a significant impact on employees' mentality. 

Correspondingly, you should work as a team member rather than acting like a boss. Use of harsh words and instructions will never help you if you attempt to motivate the workers. Always be polite to them, lead as a leader, and never place your power as a means to encourage them. Use proper tone as this is what employers look for to get motivated. 

8. Set a Flexible Schedule

You should let your employees work under a flexible schedule, but this does not mean letting them freely decide when to work. Today’s generation is technologically sound, so that most work can be accomplished from home. 

You can set a schedule for working from home sometimes. This opportunity will motivate workers and give them access to every required working resource. Set a deadline for an assigned task and make sure they complete it within defined constraints. 

9. Give Feedback

Unlike these tips, the next effective way to motivate employees is by giving them constant feedback. You should closely monitor the tasks of each employee, identify their progression or failure and let them know how they are contributing to the company's benefit. 

This is one of the best ways to retain talent by spreading positive energy as everyone gets a chance to be better and more progressive. For more efficient results, team management can be done by organizing a meeting for a team or in-person meeting on a weekly or monthly basis. It will be easier to evaluate growth throughout.  

10. Get Feedback from Employees

Finally, getting feedback regarding how they find the working environment and if they are satisfied with their job is crucial to keep employees motivated. The first important thing you must remember is to offer them a competitive salary, which is necessary to give access to tangible and intangible needs for encouragement.

You can also give remuneration, bonuses and extrinsic rewards based on their performance to upgrade the company. Ask them if they are happy with their team members or lack any motivating factors. If you establish clear communication with employees, you will be pleased with the working culture and employee morale. 


Along with strengthening the relationship between employer and employee, it is also necessary for motivating your employees as a lack of motivation results in decline in the company’s productivity and employee morale. So, overall, for team management, you should lead the team as a part of it rather than negatively exercising your power by pressuring employees and also give employee appreciation. 

I have listed 10 highly effective ways to motivate employees in the article. Check out the information and quickly follow the one you have never applied for. To engage and motivate employees, as an employee, you must be flexible with changing working environments, offer extrinsic rewards and keep upgrading motivating factors to boost employee morale . This will boost employee engagement and productivity. 

Furthermore, we will be glad to know how the information was helpful for you. You can contact us through the comment section below. Also, feel free to share if you have any other employee appreciation ideas for motivating employees that I have missed in the article.