6 July, 2022

What Is Instagram Marketing | The Ultimate Guide

What do you use Instagram for? To scroll feeds, follow celebrities, or enroll in virtual communication? There is a vague world behind these activities on Instagram. What do you think about doing business through Instagram? Most of you might not have ideas about using Instagram for exploring business. 

Can you start a business using Instagram? What is Instagram marketing

Instagram is one of the most effective methods to connect with a large number of audiences. As one has the advantage of reaching out to an enormous targeted audience, promoting a brand can be done efficiently. Not only can business people increase brand promotion, but one can also maintain sustainable business through Instagram advertisements. 

According to the research on Instagram statistics in April 2022, “Instagram is one of the fourth most popular social media where marketers can reach 1.452 billion users worldwide.”

Looking at these Instagram statistics, one can imagine how the global platform helps connect producers and consumers. Similarly, the social networking site ensures potential benefits for companies through increased sales and customer satisfaction by delivering quality goods and services. 

Why is Instagram Marketing Important?

The popular social networking site, i.e., Instagram, is used by a vast audience to access desired brands and buy them. It also ensures acceleration of the selling rate for the business owners. The Instagram platform is an excellent tool when your business relies on the aesthetic quality of your product or service.

Moreover, no matter who you work for, whether you're a large corporation, a small business, or a freelancer, you should incorporate Instagram into your marketing strategy. Companies worldwide have learned how to build an engaging Instagram presence through photos, videos, or Instagram Stories, all of which can enhance their online marketing efforts.

How to Set up an Instagram Account for Business?

Creating an Instagram account for business can be done easily within a few steps. Follow these guides to Instagram to create the account. This method applies to those who want to switch their account to a professional one.

Step 1: Open Instagram and click on your profile at the bottom right corner.

Step 2: On the top right corner, there are three horizontal lines, tap on it.

Step 3: Now, select “Settings.”

Step 4: Tap on “Account.”

Step 5: After this, you can see the option “Switch to Professional Account” select it and tap on continue.

Step 6: Select the category under which you want to create a professional account and click on Done.

Step 7: Finally, you must select the option “Business” and follow the on-screen prompts. 

Different Ways to Perform Instagram Marketing

Now that you have acknowledged the importance of Instagram for marketing, you need to know its benefits to use the platform better. Read further to know “what is Instagram marketing”, its benefits and Instagram marketing tips in detail. 

1. Know Potential Audience

Before beginning your marketing campaign on Instagram, you should identify the audience you hope to reach. Consistently leverage other marketing initiatives you have in place to keep your efforts going. Consider age, gender, interests, location, motivations, etc. when making an appointment.

You can also research to know the active Instagrammers. Make sure you keep track of relevant events and hashtag hashtags related to your business. Get an idea of who is using, engaging with, and posting these hashtags by clicking on their profiles. Additionally, you can check out who your competitors follow.

2. Improved Engagement Rates 

Customers can maintain their relationships with you best through social networks. Using Instagram for your business, you can get feedback from your audience, engage them with compelling content, notify them about promotions, and more. Using Instagram to engage customers is even more effective than other social media platforms.

Follow people talking about your brand and comment on their videos and photos to generate engagement rates. Start conversations using your hashtag on social media and encourage your followers to participate. The most important metric is to focus on real engagement to drive real sales and loyal customers. 

3. Know your Competitors

You should become familiar with Instagram marketing. Check out your competitors' profiles. Look up the person, their social media sites, Instagram posts they make, and how they engage with their audience and other brands. It is also possible to discover the popularity of your competitors' hashtags by researching their brand names.

Perhaps Instagram has not yet been incorporated into your marketing strategy, but your competitors probably do. You must carefully analyze how they use the platform to connect with their customers. 

Likewise, as a business person, you need to know how your competitor posts, create brand awareness, and try different methods to engage with their targeted customers. So use the platform to follow their activity to see how they interact with their community. Also, get to know how often they make an engagement? 

4. Strengthen your Marketing Channel

Another benefit of Instagram marketing is strengthening your marketing channels by creating new content. It is important to frequently update Instagram posts with unique content to keep the track engaging and compelling. Regardless of what marketing analysts tell you, social media users love visual appeals as they regularly want to engage with the new posts. 

This makes Instagram unique and valuable since you can simultaneously create content for your other marketing channels. Either save images and repurpose them later or feed ideas directly from your Instagram account into Facebook and Twitter

5. Be Visible on Explore Page

Instagram's Explore page allows users to discover and follow new user generated content curated and updated in real-time by its algorithm. Because of the same algorithm, you get access to recent posts almost similar to those you follow, post, or share other posts. 

Getting your content featured on the Explore page also depends on having a location tag, as it increases the probability of your content being seen when someone searches for your specific location. After that, exhaust all hashtags related to your content that are popular or relevant.

Lastly, engage with your audience by reacting and responding to their comments. Adding comments to others' posts can boost your engagement rates.

6. Take Advantage of Instagram Stories for Business

With Instagram Stories, you can pause and resume your live feed anytime and create new stories. Stories will disappear after 24 hours. The Instagram story feature has evolved into an essential feature, making Instagram Highlights so that our Stories last forever. There are various ways to get benefitted from the use of Instagram stories.

Follow these guides to Instagram to stay connected with the enormous targeted audience.

  • When satisfied with an enterprise’s service, people these days share their experiences on Instagram stories by mentioning the company’s page. You can share those contents through your profile, which is social proof to make your brand trustworthy.
  • Create posts and share them to Instagram stores with images and videos mentioning your brand and what you are up to. But ensure the post you share must be authentic. 
  • Similarly, you can also broadcast live content through this social media platform. You can discuss specific products and the whole service, interact with customers and even conduct questionnaires.
  • Since the stories shared over Instagram remain visible for 24 hours only, you can share the content permanently through the Instagram Highlights section. 

7. Use Instagram Analytics Tool to Track Performance 

Finally, the next method to perform Instagram marketing strategies is by tracking performance using Instagram analytics based on audience engagement. All business profiles on Instagram are eligible for Instagram Insights, free of charge. Looking at key metrics of your account, such as how engaging your posts are, will provide you with valuable insights.

Besides your follower demographic, you can also see how many people are from your target market. Despite being less comprehensive than some analytics tools, the built-in Instagram analytics tool is perfect for starters.


In a nutshell, Instagram is not only a social media application that you use for getting virtually connected with loved ones or sharing your daily updates. It is one of the greatest platforms for business personnel to start their enterprise and extend reach to the targeted audience most reliably and cost-effectively.

There are several benefits of using Instagram for marketing purposes. Apart from boosting brand awareness, making Instagram advertisements and getting most of the profit, you can know your competitors, track business performance, extend other marketing channels, and so on. It is also necessary to optimize your Instagram profile.

I hope the article “what is Instagram marketing” helped you a lot to get acknowledged with marketing strategies to build marketing campaigns. Let us know how the marketing tips and tricks were helpful for you through the comment section below.